I was born. I did things. Now I’m here. Scientist by day. Metal singer by night. Game Master.

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So you wanna hear my back story?

After high school I was a musician for a long time and attended university. During this either one of my best friends or the lead singer of the band told me how the band Coheed & Cambria played Dungeons & Dragons. He mentioned how their tour van or whatever was full of DnD books. Our singer had a huge collection of World of Darkness books. I would look over his White Wolf collection all the time when we were at a band practice or something. Even ran Midvinter recently for him and 2 other friends online. Another friend of mine was a hero-clix collector. I played that a few times.

Fast Forward...

It was roughly 2013 in the swamps of coastal South Carolina. Stationed there in the Marines I started playing a DnD campaign with guys in my unit. The DM played the Star Wars RPG online with his bothers and parents back home. We used the Pathfinder game system and DnD 3.5 I think. Anyway there was about 5 or 6 of us. Only lasted a few months but it was enough to start my addiction to TTRPGs.

Fast Forward

2019 ~September I start looking for modules to run for my 5E game. In some forum I read the words DEATH FROST DOOM. I read so much online about the module and the rest of the company (LotFP). Then on youtube I watch a Dungeon Craft video about Frostbitten & Mutilated which I believe was the first purchase I made from LotFP.

Almost a year later and I still haven't looked back at Wizards of the Toast since I found the OSR. I usually play 2 games a week now. I've made so many great friends this year through LotFP and the momentum is just going to keep on from here.


  1. Which Star Wars was he running? Saga? WEG? FFG? I ran a lot of that stuff. Cool origin though man. I got started in a weirdo occult shop with healing crystals and smudge sticks. The witchy owner woman had recently put out the 3rd edition d&d phb.

  2. In the temple of elemental evil they call incense faggot sticks. I think I’ll write a book on the subject . I’ll ask him.

  3. Ha, I love that meme. Nice backstory brah. :D

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