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Temple of the Cats (Review)

The following was posted to a new website focused around the OSR scene that I'm not sure if I'll be using again since it seems to be just the same ol' shit as r/OSR. (not to mention it still is one the top seen posts on the website.) My Temple of the Mantis review was deleted in ~24hs. They wouldn't even leave the post up long enough for me to find a group. (it was posted in looking for groups and I've met people on their website that I still play with today) They explained that only Zak's old content can be posted about. Maybe I'll just post content on a Red and Pleasant land there for a while. I love this Tiger King adventure. I've ran it ~5 times now and it eventually became the precursor to running a World of the Lost campaign. 

Recently I found a 
blog/store and as a new and enthusiastic game master I immediately purchased this adventure. I’ve ran it twice so far with two different groups. The first being all new players and the second comprised of experienced LotFP adventurers. In the first group one player killed three (all clerics) of his own characters. The second spent two sessions sinking their fangs in. I will keep things spoiler free.
The map is hand drawn and plotted so it’s easy to run. Each room is diverse and includes interesting challenges along the way. There was plenty of loot to be found but personally I loved the new spell that was included most.
It’s an attention grabber. It brought five new players into two sessions. Soon to be three. Plus If you don’t spill your beans you can see if anyone figures out who they are actually dealing with.
I think it’s a great little dungeon to spark off a campaign (which is how I’ve been using it so far) or a fun one off when needed.
To anyone thinking of checking this out for themselves I see many impressive animals in your future.
Keep in mind when you visit this island… “Bad luck to kill a sea bird.”
It was written by Zak Smith (Vornheim ,Red & Pleasant Land, and Maze of the Blue Medusa)


  1. That guy that had three clerics die in the same game is a hero lmao. Last time I lost three characters in one game was a super maligned session of iron falcon. And damn...that sucks osr pit is taking that stance. It looked cool.

  2. Yeah I'm actually banned from posting for a month because I posted this cube world review without realizing there was a Zak Rule that I guess I got put in place.

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