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I released my first Dungeon Synth album and here's what people are saying about it!


Last knight in Town by Spooky Rusty

1. Emergency Broadsword Syndrome
2. Jimmy Tango's Magic
3. Here's Lookin' at Yew
4. Punch-Drunk Punk Rock Necromancer
5. Enter Without Knocking and Notify the Cleric
6. The Lethargy of Crocodiles
7. Human Pincushion
8.Nothing Dreadful Ever Happens... in the Dungeon
9. Catatonia, Gracefully
10. Shallow Water Black-Mage

You can listen to/buy my entire album here for $4

Cover art drawing by Andrew Stenbakken. 

"Great feel. Sounds very HDK. I would prefer long tracks with maybe some improvised melodies that allows for deeper contemplation"

"The presentation does not match the quality of the music. Unfortunately, with a sea of releases, a lot of people judge on cover and titles before anything else."

"I think the music is overall really solid! A lot of folks might see the name of the project and the names of some of your song titles and assume that the music is a joke."

"Between the music and cover art, you have succeeded in creating an old-school RPG feel, which for me is always a plus. That said, the song titles undermine what your cover art is depicting and what the tone of your music conveys."

People take their music scene too seriously like Varg. I hate that mindset. I'm serious about every project I've ever done, but there has to be humor. We're using synths for Christ sake. It's cheesy in and of itself. Have fun. Even the Nine Inch Nails are cheesy and they know it, but they are a serious band. They put jokes in a lot of  song titles and lyrics, but these people would say Trent has no talent and is lame. Their views are so narrow, but you know every synth player wants to be Trent because he's a genius. Nine Inch Nails recorded an album in the house Sharon Tate was killed. They tried so hard to be edgy. I will remain trve to myself with hand drawn cover art and interesting song titles. 


Chapter 1 Unlikely Idiots Form a Posse.

A few weeks back I found this new Jester class for the OSR and immediately wanted to use it for the LotFP adventure The Punchline. So I made a post in the Tabletop RPG One Shot Group searching for players. I ended up finding 5 international players.

The Posse:
  1. The Barbarian (fighter) that had never heard of the OSR before but has played dnd for 20+years. I believe he named him Bob.
  2. Faruza (magic-user) the female, with her hired mercenary Luis and a little dog too.
  3. Shekyl (magic-user) tries really hard to make calculated risks. Sometimes it works and sometimes you wind up with an addiction.
  4. Malou (magic-user) a real comedian, baker and one to wield a whip. 
  5. Emery (specialist)  The poor man the posse sends first into every dark tunnel. Suppose that’s why he’s got the 6 pistols, though. 
Averoigne, France. 1630. They found their way traveling down the French hillsides near Suisse fleeing from a lord they were each in debt to. After passing an abandoned French merchant's cart, which they didn't really care to spend much time inspecting, they made it to the small village of Forkton. This is where the LotFP adventure The Punchline takes place. 🤡🎺
Alright boys and girls so when the party arrived they found the entire population all riled up with their farm tools outside the Azure Oxen (the only inn in town). Turns out an interrogation was going down inside. Seems children have gone missing and this foreigner passing through was suspect. He wore such fine clothing that he resembled the descriptions of these Jesters or Clowns that have been seen in the woods lately. 🤡🎺
A French traveling merchant was tied to a chair being questioned by one of the towns woodsmen who saw himself as a tough guy. It was obvious he was innocent but the posse kept throwing him under the  bus. By bus I mean the woodsman's mallet. The merchant offered to do a card reading to help with finding the missing children. He explained how the cards worked and everyone agreed to untie the man's hands. I won't go into too much detail here but everyone drew a card (from the LotFP deck of weird things). The barbarian ended up becoming immortal but he will forever be stuck as a lvl 2 fighter. Each of the magic-users became cursed, but one had to consume a gem which will not pass through his body each day. Failing to eat a gem made him lose health. 🤡🎺
Upset about this whole new stigmata each character gained, the barbarian chopped off the man's hands killing him. Desperate for some new young adventurers in town the mayor offered them sheriff badges if they could solve this case. Now equipped with a map of the area the party began to investigate the watermill first. 🤡🎺
This was it. The party crossed the river and found 6 horses tied up out under a tree near the mill. Emery snuck around the front entrance. Peeking in a window one clown was seen in a polka-dotted dress dancing around insane with a rapier. They didn't really have a plan other than to send the newly immortal barbarian in first. He killed the first clown pretty easily from what I remember with his ax but was covered head to toe in blood. I believe he heard some bells ringing from upstairs and ran out. So everyone started blasting and it turned into a shoot out. A group of clowns bombarded the poor hired gun Luis with meat cleavers. Gashing him twice in the neck, he bleed out just at the back door's step. Again back to the Jester class that I was using to spice up the clowns in this book, at one point a clown rolled for a chaos trait from the table and got an ACME delivery boy to bring her a loaded gun. "Don't worry guys I've got this!" Malou said as he attempted to grapple the clown using his whip. He failed and took a shot to the gut. The party ended up defeating the handful of clowns here. Faruza's dog must have gotten involved in the combat as well because he was pissing blood in the end. The poor guy was left tied to a tree. I believe the players assumed he was sick and they couldn't do anything for him out fear for perhaps catching something themselves. Losing their hired help Luis and with Malou unconscious they took all the horses and rode to town with the sound of bells approaching them in the woods.  Once they got to the stables and had a breather they searched the saddle bags. One thing of note found was a sack filled with some powder and a key. They ended up calling the substance Clowncaine. The only other items they found of real interest to them were all the costumes, wigs and powder. The mill wasn't searched. The children weren't found.  🤡🎺

I will be recapping the next session soon.


So you wanna hear my back story?

After high school I was a musician for a long time and attended university. During this either one of my best friends or the lead singer of the band told me how the band Coheed & Cambria played Dungeons & Dragons. He mentioned how their tour van or whatever was full of DnD books. Our singer had a huge collection of World of Darkness books. I would look over his White Wolf collection all the time when we were at a band practice or something. Even ran Midvinter recently for him and 2 other friends online. Another friend of mine was a hero-clix collector. I played that a few times.

Fast Forward...

It was roughly 2013 in the swamps of coastal South Carolina. Stationed there in the Marines I started playing a DnD campaign with guys in my unit. The DM played the Star Wars RPG online with his bothers and parents back home. We used the Pathfinder game system and DnD 3.5 I think. Anyway there was about 5 or 6 of us. Only lasted a few months but it was enough to start my addiction to TTRPGs.

Fast Forward

2019 ~September I start looking for modules to run for my 5E game. In some forum I read the words DEATH FROST DOOM. I read so much online about the module and the rest of the company (LotFP). Then on youtube I watch a Dungeon Craft video about Frostbitten & Mutilated which I believe was the first purchase I made from LotFP.

Almost a year later and I still haven't looked back at Wizards of the Toast since I found the OSR. I usually play 2 games a week now. I've made so many great friends this year through LotFP and the momentum is just going to keep on from here.


Temple of the Cats (Review)

The following was posted to a new website focused around the OSR scene that I'm not sure if I'll be using again since it seems to be just the same ol' shit as r/OSR. (not to mention it still is one the top seen posts on the website.) My Temple of the Mantis review was deleted in ~24hs. They wouldn't even leave the post up long enough for me to find a group. (it was posted in looking for groups and I've met people on their website that I still play with today) They explained that only Zak's old content can be posted about. Maybe I'll just post content on a Red and Pleasant land there for a while. I love this Tiger King adventure. I've ran it ~5 times now and it eventually became the precursor to running a World of the Lost campaign. 

Recently I found a 
blog/store and as a new and enthusiastic game master I immediately purchased this adventure. I’ve ran it twice so far with two different groups. The first being all new players and the second comprised of experienced LotFP adventurers. In the first group one player killed three (all clerics) of his own characters. The second spent two sessions sinking their fangs in. I will keep things spoiler free.
The map is hand drawn and plotted so it’s easy to run. Each room is diverse and includes interesting challenges along the way. There was plenty of loot to be found but personally I loved the new spell that was included most.
It’s an attention grabber. It brought five new players into two sessions. Soon to be three. Plus If you don’t spill your beans you can see if anyone figures out who they are actually dealing with.
I think it’s a great little dungeon to spark off a campaign (which is how I’ve been using it so far) or a fun one off when needed.
To anyone thinking of checking this out for themselves I see many impressive animals in your future.
Keep in mind when you visit this island… “Bad luck to kill a sea bird.”
It was written by Zak Smith (Vornheim ,Red & Pleasant Land, and Maze of the Blue Medusa)


Temple of the Mantis (Cube World #9 Review)

During one of the LotFP live streams last week the group chat got on the subject of Zak's Cube World which is currently on issue 20 (buy them individually here). I offered to run a game after another fan had mentioned he had a lot of interest in Zak's new material. I even asked my new friend which Cube World adventure he seemed most interested in playing. He picked Cube World 9 which aside from Temple of the Mantis includes 2 other adventures, one about a mountain that the party realizes is actually just a giant they have been traveling on, and another about a Wizard and his naval fleet on a river in the fast East. We're planning to the do the wizard naval battle one next!
The setting I used was 1700's Nigeria since I am also running the LotFP hex-crawl World of the Lost. I tried my best not to railroad the party so I used Zak's Vornheim city building book to have a few NPCs gathered outside of the temple. The players all knew we were just here to have some fun with a dungeon after all. One of the great things I've found with running Cube World is that the design and layout is great.
I prefer to use the Eldritch Cock rules for my games so the party consisted of a Magic-User who knew the Cleric spell word of recall (which is the only reason he survived this adventure alone), a fighter and a second Magic-User. The only problem I've come across with using the Eldritch Cock rules is that sometimes your lvl 1 characters end up with spells like Killing Word and Geas (which did in fact happen this game) but hey that's the fun right.
Running the dungeon was a cake walk. If you notice the colored doors in the art preview above they teleport to the other doors of the corresponding color. One thing I probably should have stressed more to the players is that the dungeon takes place in an abyss outside of the normal realm of earth. It's also important to the stress that the PC's light sources only reach 15'.
Only having 2 days to set this up I felt fine running the adventure because it's really less than 2 pages you're going off of. That being said though I did fail to establish the McGuffin so at the last moment I said heckin'-why-not and placed some kind of 'holy rod' from the Eldritch Cock book in the last room. After all I was only planning for this to be a one shot but the players strongly expressed that they want to play more Cube World games in the near future.
During the game I did share a few small pictures that I cropped to avoid spoilers yet also sharing Zak's awesome art style. The party almost made it out together with 5 mantis eyes worth 10,000 gp each. The last mantis was waiting for them right where they entered from earlier. The wizard with the holy rod gave it a shake not knowing what would happen... IT GREW! Beautifully to ten feet long which he used to pole vault over the mantis while his comrades were knocked unconscious. Unable to save them he managed to successfully cast word of recall and wake up in his sanctuary with only one ruby mantis eye.
If anyone wants to get a game going just leave a comment!

(here's a photo I made to help get the players recruited)