A collection of my #Inktober artwork

1. Nautiloid in my work notebook. Here's a tip. If your job sucks try using gel pens with glitter to bring the slightest happiness to your work day.

2. A little map I drew for my solo Paleozoic Pals game.

3. An alligator looking for cocaine.

4. An airboat. I love bayous. 

5. Self-portrait as a frog. 

5. Bull riding is a metaphor. Ultimately the rider will be thrown. Failing to subdue (insert forces). I drew this because I watched the film Brokeback Mountain for the first time. My heart was broken and I wanted a really sad movie to just break my heart even more. It's a really underrated film. Anyway that's the story behind this one. 

6. This is from a one page dungeon I made that I should share here at some point. He's a druid with 100 dogs and he has this weapon called the 'neuterazor'.

6. One boo and 5 shrooms.

7. What's Stupid Horse thinking? Here's what some of the answers people submitted were...1. "I should feel up their tattoos when I ask them about it." 2. "The perfect mount doesn't exis... I have found the perfect mount!" 3. "Deez Nuts!" 4. "I bet my liver is bullet proof."

8. My final and favorite image. "Where I want to be."

October was really bad personally. I went through a terrible break up. I spent most of my time trying to stay numb. Drawing helped. I got a lot of compliments on my style and I believe my drawing has improved. The plan is to keep making art pieces in my distinct style and to become a true bloomer and no long a doomer.

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