cryptid in july poetry day 06, the euroa beast


a poem about the euroa beast

In the middle of the swamp
sweating soldiers knock

on a cottage door
”Just a minute.”

Through the peephole
Eurora Beast sees a line of soldiers

”What’s this about?”

”You stuck your finger
in a light socket
when you were drunk
and the government is pressing charges against you”

”Did I? I have Alzheimer's
or dementia. Please
go away and never
talk to me again.”

”That’s a lie.”

The soldiers open fire on the door of the cottage
Some bullets bounce off the door
leaving dents
Some bullets stick
into the skin of Euroa Beast
Blue blood leaks out of it

The soldiers enter the cottage
Euroa Beast grabs one of them and throws it on the ground
then stomps on its legs

Euroa Beast’s tears fall
on the forehead of the soldier

It grabs another and
stomps on its face

”Stop this!”
Euroa Beast cries


Euroa Beast wakes up
sweating to its cat
sitting on its face
biting its cheeks

”Another nightmare?
I’m hungry and
I vomited in the sink”
The cat says

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