cryptid in july poetry day 21, the lizard-man of scape ore swamp


a poem about the lizard-man of scape ore swamp

it’s raining outside my window
i think that this rain
should probably symbolize death

i wonder if it is raining outside
my other window
i walk into the kitchen
look out the window

”it is raining
and it still symbolizes death”

my girlfriend looks at my forehead and says
”why do you say things like that?”

”i was joking”

”i don’t think you’re joking
you’re always saying stuff like that”

it is raining outside both windows
i am in the kitchen
sitting on a small chrome stool

i pull my cellphone from my pocket
look at it in my open hand

my cell phone opens up like a mouth

”i was just being funny
i’m bored and tired of watching tv with you”

”maybe if you’re really bored you can just fuck me on the couch with my legs up in the air and i can scream real loud, or something”

i pretend to smile

but she knows i’m not really smiling

”you’re kind of a bastard” she says



”i’m tired”

i turn off my cell phone
go outside
sit on my stoop
lean my head against the railing
the railing is cold
but i lean my head there anyway
i wait a while
i don’t know what i’m supposed to do anymore
i should wait here until somebody tells me what to do

i go back inside
i clean all the dishes by hand
i dry them with a towel
i walk into the bathroom
shut the door
sit down on the toilet
i stand up
open the door
walk into the kitchen
i spray the counters with spray cleaner
sit on the couch
i stand up
walk to the window
look out the window

my bear neighbor is looking through their window at me so i wave back but they don’t wave back

i walk into the kitchen
lie down on the floor
feel the floor’s cold
through the scales on my back

”what are you doing?”
my girlfriend asks


”do you want some ice cream?”

i nod

i will eat the ice cream

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