1x new background and 4x new items (troika exclusive)

I got home from work last night and was bored.
I checked everything I check online in about 3 minutes. 
Tony was on Discord. 
He said, "today I achieved a level of boredom that I haven't felt for a long time, maybe ever." 
We both typed "I'm bored" or variations of that a lot of times. 
I told Tony I wrote him into my novel. 
He said, "send it to me, it might relieve boredom."
He read it and felt less bored. 
We talked more on discord and then logged into our 'office' on gather to video chat. 
I showed him some things I have been working on and now I will share them here:

Masked DJ

Your music is being played in the background of all MTV shows now. It is easier for beings from other spheres to get into songs where someone says ‘fashion’ over and over again because it is one of the only English words that everyone knows. There’s no such thing as too many remixes, you say to the journalists every time you are interviewed. You create 4dimensional experiences for your fans bringing the joy of love, music, and dance to people around the spheres.  Possessions:

-a cd binder full of electro mixes (they all kinda sound the same but trust me, each one of them is very special and meaningful ok?) -a complete multimedia experience with lights and dancers, fireworks, projector -one of the most ‘relevant’ and ‘organically created + released mp3s of the year' -an inflatable heart to represent the human spirit -a blurb about being ‘the next big thing’ in some notable magazine that will go out of business next year -a mask Advanced Skills: 1 dancing 2 meaningful Live DJ set 3 twisting knobs, mixing levels, filtering sounds, and remix theory 4 staying relevant + interesting. Special: You can make people throw their hands in the ayer and wave them like they just don’t cayer for 1d6 rounds.
4x Magic Items:

Shin Guards

Shin guards that Match your personal brand (+1 armor).

The shins are where the souls of your legs reside, treat them with care.

Gladiator Sandals

Fashionable and practical (+2 fighting).

Ready to gladiate?


I suggest wearing this while you rob a bank, then they'll all be looking for a man with a beard, not you.

Perfect for your friend who can't grow facial hair and seriously funny on anyone who already has a big beard.

A win-win kerchief.

(Not useful for scene stars who leave a bandana hanging out of their back pocket)

Summoning Cigs

A 50/50 chance to summon the spirit of a random background.

1. Helpful
2. Evil
3. Unpredictable

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