writing process part 2

when i write

i'm absent

i'm somewhere that only exists as a nonexistence

an away place

like i'm with death

it is a good place

it is where i came from

and where i'm going

and it is the place that follows me all my life

and where i can seek sanctuary

at any time

this unknown other place

this is where i am going now


there are so many types of writers

one type of writer is someone who has to wait for the thing inside them they feel to push its way out

i am not an intellectual writer

i cannot pre plot

or decide what it will be

i have to find out what it is going to be

i have to wait

for the thing inside me

for the moment of birth

it will say "now i am whole"

"i am ready to be born"

but when it is born the story (or adventure) is still a baby

but it is whole

it will mature

it is ready to be discussed now

i heard a voice inside myself the other day screaming at me

"you've got to get me out of here"

i don't know what it meant

but something was whole

and making noises 

your story will announce itself

the theme will flood your mind and the characters will rise up

and scream their heads off

for me

it is very vivid

i've been spending more time in the county

on my cousin's land

i went on a walkabout before a writing session

and took some photos

CW: black and white deer carcass i stumbled upon (it will be the last photo)

coyotes must have gotten him

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