Very Pretty but Lonely Paleozoic Pals (soloing ttrpgs)

As part of going through a bad break up it's good to look inward and reflect. I decided to finally give solo gaming a shot. I will be recapping each session of my soloing adventures for Very Pretty Paleozoic Pals Permian Nations by Evey Lockhart. My ex purchased this book for me and I never had a chance to run it for any of my friends before. I've made 2 characters to start out with and I'm just using Troika!'s rules as written to the best of my understanding. Won't be using any kind of soloing house rules that I have seen online before. 

One thing you do need for soloing ttrpgs though is an oracle. I'm using one called Recluse. It's just a questions answering tool. 

See you soon with highlights from session 1! 



how to write a ******* song with a die

clean off a table.

no don't. it's better if you don't.

throw a bunch of dice on the table.
(you should already have dice on your desk)

pull a synthesizer out of a bag.

slap it on the table.

connect chords. cords.
(be sure to wear headphones)

snatch up a the closest dice.
(it's a d20)

roll it.
(it's an 8)
(when one eight becomes two zeros)

count that many keys starting on the left.

(hold it)
(TWIST knobs)
(FIST buttons)

grab another DIE and THROW IT.

place a FIST where you should.

(repeat /record _release)

...expect a new album soon.