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before you visit my substack to listen, or read the chapter below, i want to mention something first…

my friend Captain Blowfish’s new superhero rpg book from Melsonia Art’s Council is live on Kickstarter right now. you should totally check it out here!

it’s called longshot city and i played in the setting with Captain Blowfish for probably almost a year.

we did a lot of cool shit in that campaign. like fly across the atlantic ocean and fight a giant robot at stonehenge.

here is the trailer for the kickstarter.

who doesn’t love boxsets. i backed at the level to get a boxset. i’m pretty sure the only kickstarters i backed in a year (maybe longer?) have only been from Melsonia Arts Council. that says a lot maybe.

i’ve just been writing a lot. drawing some. i decided one night to record myself reading one of my short stories. i thought if i did that my friends would be more likely to listen to the story than read it. i think it worked. i wrote the background music too and they liked that a lot.

oh, last thing.

there is a Cairn game jam going on. Spooky Jaguar is releasing a zine for the Cairn game jam. it’s called THE WEEPS and Tony Jaguar wrote it. here is a rough draft of some art i did for it.

and now the short story...

"I can only do like 6 pushups," said the Necromancer, "I feel embarrassed."

"You were very skinny before," the Temple Knight of Telak the Swordbringer said. 

They were exorcising in a shitty little tomb inside of a residential area in a buffer world severed from the other spheres by the [redacted] Pillar.

A spider watched and shook their head.

"Let's go to the bar," the Necromancer said.

The spider crawled over to where the other siders were sharing a 40.

The Necromancer felt anxious and sick.

They no longer fit into their favorite ragged, blood-stained, pants.

"Fuck this motherfucking shit. This is some bullshit," the Necromancer said, with snot coming out their nose and into their mouth.

The Temple Knight of Telak the Swordbringer ate a small yellow apple they got from the health food store.

The Temple Knight of Telak the Swordbringer ate an organic pear they got from the health food store.

The spiders started to tell stories about their mother with their high pitched voices.

The Necromancer stared ahead in the plank position for about ten seconds and then collapsed.

"That's enough for today," said the Temple Knight of Telak the Swordbringer.

They went through a hallway to a room with two desks and many boxes of papers.

The Temple Knight of Telak the Swordbringer sat on a chair.

The Necromancer sat on the Temple Knight of Telak the Swordbringer.

They looked at photos of the Necromancer's family they had.

Including one of the Necromancer in a pink ballerina suit.

The Temple Knight of Telak the Swordbringer thought about a room in the house he grew up in that also had boxes of papers, two desks, and two windows with shut blinds.

He thought that how he felt about that room was maybe similar to how the Necromancer felt about this room.

They had spent the last three months here, slowly figuring out their next move.

"Let me walk on the outside," said the Necromancer, tugging up their stockings, "I'd like to find a corpse."

"It's sleepy time," said the Temple Knight of Telak the Swordbringer.

They slept, without setting an alarm.

They woke up around 1:10 p.m. and went to the bus stop.

They got organic coffee smoothies with soymilk, hempseed powder, and frozen strawberries.

"Thank you," said the Necromancer, "Do you want to spend time together before I exercise and do work?"

"Okay," said the Temple Knight of Telak the Swordbringer.

The Temple Knight of Telak the Swordbringer thought about the next three to eight years of his life.

It seemed calm he thought.

They walked together on the sidewalk and passed piles of dirt.

It was beginning to get dark.

The darkness here is scary–like the world was breaking, or expired, or bruised, or something worse.

The moonlit clouds looked rippled, like a ribcage of some giant thing digesting them both.

They went into the Necromancer's shitty little tomb.

The Necromancer began doing leg stretches. 

The Temple Knight of Telak the Swordbringer wrapped himself in a blanket and sat in front of the computer.

"Toasty momcave," he thought.

The spiders talked about going somewhere tonight. 

"We should go to the Lunar Bar and just walk around," the spiders said.

"We should get a dog," the Necromancer said to the Temple Knight of Telak the Swordbringer, "A guard dog or a lap dog, you decide."

"Hell yeah, man," the spiders said.

The Temple Knight of Telak the Swordbringer smiled really hard and said, "Both."

"Alright," the Temple Knight of Telak the Swordbringer said, "I want you to make a list of the things you want to change and haven't."

The Temple Knight of Telak the Swordbringer made soybean pasta as the Necromancer finished his daily workout routine. 

After dinner, the Temple Knight of Telak the Swordbringer highlighted items on the list the Necromancer had made. 

The Temple Knight of Telak of Swordbringer highlighted and circled the words, "Binge eating" and "throwing up."

On the bottom of the paper, the Necromancer had drawn a New Zealand penguin.

The next morning they are vegan burgers for breakfast.

They went on a walk and took pictures.

When they got back to their shitty little tomb the spiders were crawling on the television.

They were watching the news.

"That's some fucked up shit man," the spiders said, "They finally caught they ass."

A Poorly Made Dwarf had put a unicorn in a headlock, torn its head off, and gone on a killing spree with it.

The bed shouted from down the hallway, saying it was ready to snuggle up.

It said it had fresh white sheets and bumped up against the back of the knees of the Necromancer and the Temple Knight of Telak the Swordbringer, knocking them onto the mattress.

The bed then crawled back down the hallway and into the bedroom.

The spiders followed.

They all watched a movie about nothing and went to sleep.


d66 encounters from a discord chat on 03/04/2023

unedited, raw, game design lol

by bolt-neck possum and i

12:10 AM me: lets writ soemthing one sentece at a tim elol it dont have to be now but sometime lol

12:10 AM Bolt-Neck Opossum: Sure you start

12:10 AM me: ok!!!

12:11 AM mean adventure or jsut something weird

12:11 AM Bolt-Neck OpossumAdventure

12:12 AM me: The iron gate to the cemetery is locked.

12:13 AM Bolt-Neck Opossum: Moss creeps across long-filled graves.

12:15 AM me: You come across a family plot and the grave stones are all children who died before they turned 2 years old.

12:17 AM Bolt-Neck Opossum: James, Jeffrey, Jofry, Grant; names positioned like notes upon sheet music.

12:19 AM me: Slowly the sounds of crying babies begin to be heard.

12:21 AM Bolt-Neck Opossum: They break your concentration, then your heart.

12:22 AM me: Everyone make a save, or begin to feel cramps and throw up.

12:23 AM Bolt-Neck Opossum: Fetal pieces squirm in the sick.

12:24 AM me: Roll on the encounter table.

12:24 AM Bolt-Neck Opossum: D66 encounters

12:25 AM me: 11. the hollowed ground begins to rumble.

12:25 AM Bolt-Neck Opossum: 12. Homoculi around your feet.

12:27 AM me: 13. a heavy fog rolls in

12:30 AM Bolt-Neck Opossum: 14. Rain like needles fall from the sky save or feel one in your eye.

12:31 AM me: 15. your phones all send a nude to everyone in your contacts and then die but you can still hear your text notifications blowing up

12:33 AM Bolt-Neck Opossum: 16. Infant hands reach for your neck.

12:33 AM me: 21. headlights in the distance begin to approach

12:34 AM Bolt-Neck Opossum: 22 Water rises round your feet; the dead here don't float.

12:35 AM me: 23. a black cat crosses your path, it hisses and then starts to turn inside out from its asshole, its pre-attack ritual

12:37 AM Bolt-Neck Opossum: 24 Cicadas sing a soothing lullaby, save or sleep amongst the dead.

12:39 AM me: 25. you step on a rake and it pops up and hits you in the face

12:42 AM Bolt-Neck Opossum: 26 A gravedigger pats the earth, he doesn't like the cut of your jib.

12:44 AM me: 31 you end up back at the entrance

12:46 AM Bolt-Neck Opossum: 31 Your fingers twitch desiring a non existent rosary

12:49 AM me: 33. a tent at edge of the woods and the cemetary

12:52 AM Bolt-Neck Opossum: 34 A gargoyle yawns from the chapel arch

12:52 AM me: 35. a telephone pole catches on fire

12:53 AM Bolt-Neck Opossum: 36 A suburbanite ghoul hungry for fresh flesh

12:53 AM me: 41. a peach tree, anyone who takes a peach sees their crush in the distance

12:54 AM Bolt-Neck Opossum: 42 Terrible Chester, vicious tabby of mausoleum

12:55 AM me: 43. a giant bird nest in the tree large enough for a cow

12:57 AM Bolt-Neck Opossum: 44. A tombstone golem

12:58 AM me: 45. mosquito swarm, save or become blind, and 1d3 days later your entire body will be covered in one large blister

1:00 AM Bolt-Neck Opossum: 46. Ghosts tickle your sides and thigh, Babies havr no boundaries.

1:01 AM me: 51. an open grave with the name CHRIS KRINGLE

1:05 AM Bolt-Neck Opossum: 52 babies breath and roses offered at each grave--pluck them and know what loss is

1:06 AM me: 53. the moon falls from the sky, says ouch fuck, and then rises again

1:08 AM Bolt-Neck Oppossum: 54 A statue of Saint Bartholomew questions your motives.

1:09 AM me: 55. you hear the sound of a lawnmower headed your directoin

1:12 AM Bolt-Neck Opossum: 56 Crows watch you, predicting carrion.

1:19 AM me: 61. the ghost of flannery o conor asking to take her to her daughter

1:20 AM Bolt-Neck Opossum: 62 the ghost of Richard brautiigan offers you wine.

1:21 AM me: 63. Teenagers on a joyride

1:22 AM Bolt-Neck Opossum: 64 Broken bottle from the nights rondevous.

1:24 AM me: 65 d20 people shooting a music video

1:24 AM Bolt-Neck Opossum: 66 d20 people shooting up

1:24 AM me: fuck finally we are done lol

1:24 AM Bolt-Neck Opossum: Lol

1:24 AM me: send it to layout LOL

1:24 AM Bolt-Neck Opossum: Lmao

1:31 AM me: i feel like my computer is messed up

1:31AM Bolt-Neck Opossum: hm

1:39 AM me: worlds got me down

1:47 AM Bolt-Neck Opossum: I know

1:49 AM me: ate a lot of nachos tonight

1:49 AM me: and beer

1:51 AM me: might spray paint 'spooky rusty dot com' really big in certain places soon

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¡ happy troika day !

it's 6/6/2023

in troika you roll 2d6

so it's officially troika day

some of yall know that i have been running an ongoing troika campaign

one of my players asked me to turn her into a background

Natalie Portman
You're the real-life version of your characters from 'V for Vendetta' and 'Garden State' combined. You go to conferences where important people are talking about important issues; that means you're important too. 

-psychology degree from a private ivy league school
-a playlist showcasing your love of 'freak folk'
-d6 wristbands for causes
-ballet shoes

Advanced Skills:
4 award winning acting 
3 spherically aware (current events)
1 mathmology - ballet
1 psychology

can cast amity once a day as rank 1 

you're welcome natalie 


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This is Violence Now (session 2)

3 days ago word got back 

to captain butler 

and the soldiers in the town of tonio

regarding the ruination 

of the nearby small town 


and the murdered prisoners 

and the murdered soldiers 

who were tasked with delivering the amber fluid

to those cursed with the plague

i have been ordered to find the scoundrels

find the amber fluid

find the town named herillo

and find 3 men to go with me

we set out with our horses

11 days of provisions

and an annoying soldier 

named dewey

who wouldn't stop playing the harmonica

they are planning to map this region

with a paper and a pencil

we traveled for 3 days 

only saw huge lizards on the way 

to kendee

where we were greeted by a shirtless man 

outside of a mud/brick home

wearing an eyepatch

firing his pistol at us

warning us to stay away

"don't come any closer" he said

shooting wildly at our horses

eugene said something about us being soldiers from the empire of texas

"they burnt down the town" he said

he was saying some soldiers of the empire burnt down the town

"if you really are the empire of texas, god bless texas and those motherfuckers went south, get on walking" he said shooting at us again

he went on for a while about the emperor

saying he wanted to talk to the emperor of texas

hell, none of us had ever met the emperor

as we rode past the house 

i turned my head to peak in the window

i could see 4 women inside

3 holding guns

1 holding a broom

1 of them pregnant

later that afternoon we found 4 men walking

said they had come from uero

and if we went there we could talk to a gentleman named river porter

if we needed supplies or something

sylvester asked them if they had seen anyone sick with the plague around here

one of the 4 men said "you see that sad sob right there"

pointing to his friend

"we killed their cousin who had the plague"

i got off my horse

took the 4 men's ammo 

and left each of them with 1 bullet

44 extra bullets will give us a real upper-hand 

taxes for the empire

we camped for the 4th night safely again

and by the next afternoon

we could see the border of the empire of texas in the distance

and a small fort building

with the flag of the empire waving over it

in the middle of the broken assphalt

with the ugly glass growing 

through its cracks

from our distance it looked empty

but as we rode our horses closer

we could see people in the windows

boy we were happy then

as we rode closer they started shooting as us

reyes was shot down

we fired back and took out 2 of them through the windows

we took cover and i applied a tourniquet to reyes

things were quiet 

we didn't know how many were inside

we snuck into a window

i shot one of the scoundrels with my rifle like 6 times

dewey went after one with his sabre and cut this poor bastard's hand off

but before sylvester could kill the last man

that last man

with a sabre in his hand

cut off dewey's head

next session we will load up the amber fluid and see what else we can find of use in the house before we leave the only land we've known, the empire of texas, and find the town of herillo

i took dewey's harmonica

paper and pencil

i'm going to map this land

for dewey


you can find the rules to play violence on luke's blog


This is Violence Now (session 1)

today i played violence by luke gearing

tony jaguar ran the empire of texas

for just me

my character's name was raymundo

he was a texas soldier armed with a lance, a sabre, a revolver, and a lever-action rifle

he was accompanied by 3 other soldiers and 8 other men who were just released from prison

our mission was to find a town named herillo

and deliver 250 doses of amber fluid to stave off the plague 

but we didn't have a map

or know where the town was

but we were well prepared

we had 3 wagons

each being pulled by 4 horses

and every man had their own horse to ride as well

and were at least

armed with a pistol

one of the texas soldiers named jon carter wanted to go south 

to see his cousin edmundo in the town of kendee

he said his cousin had 3 wives

in the afternoon of the first day

we saw a wagon moving west in the distance

but we kept making our way south

that night we set up camp

and heard a rustling start to surround us

we fed the fire for more light

reymundo stood on the front of one of the wagons with his rifle

he saw like a dozen man sized lizards crawling around 

one of the prisoners said 'we could eat that thing' 

or something like that

reymundo shot at one of them bigass lizards but missed

the lizards got mad 

one of them came after reymundo

tried to climb up the wagon and attack him

but reymundo blasted that fool 3 times

the lot of lizards snuck back into the night after that

it wasn't long until we were met with violence after hittin' the trails south again the next morning

out of nowhere, gun shots rang out

before we knew what was happening miguel and charles were already down


then victor and anton went down


they had surprised us

luckily for us though

they missed all of their second shots

we had them outnumbered

12 to 6

they weren't even on horseback

those filthy scoundrels

then all of our men that shot back at them missed

then they killt 4 more of us

i tried to count how many shots these men had fired 

they were just using pistols

was it 5 or 6

i saw one of them hide behind a small oak tree

i unloaded 6 bullets into him


we thought we had 'em

those newly freed men i was rolling with stood their ground with me

i was rolling bad

we all got shot down


6 took 12

the last 5 took everything we had


I should have added this link, the rules are free on Luke’s blog https://lukegearing.blot.im/violence