This is Violence Now (session 2)

3 days ago word got back 

to captain butler 

and the soldiers in the town of tonio

regarding the ruination 

of the nearby small town 


and the murdered prisoners 

and the murdered soldiers 

who were tasked with delivering the amber fluid

to those cursed with the plague

i have been ordered to find the scoundrels

find the amber fluid

find the town named herillo

and find 3 men to go with me

we set out with our horses

11 days of provisions

and an annoying soldier 

named dewey

who wouldn't stop playing the harmonica

they are planning to map this region

with a paper and a pencil

we traveled for 3 days 

only saw huge lizards on the way 

to kendee

where we were greeted by a shirtless man 

outside of a mud/brick home

wearing an eyepatch

firing his pistol at us

warning us to stay away

"don't come any closer" he said

shooting wildly at our horses

eugene said something about us being soldiers from the empire of texas

"they burnt down the town" he said

he was saying some soldiers of the empire burnt down the town

"if you really are the empire of texas, god bless texas and those motherfuckers went south, get on walking" he said shooting at us again

he went on for a while about the emperor

saying he wanted to talk to the emperor of texas

hell, none of us had ever met the emperor

as we rode past the house 

i turned my head to peak in the window

i could see 4 women inside

3 holding guns

1 holding a broom

1 of them pregnant

later that afternoon we found 4 men walking

said they had come from uero

and if we went there we could talk to a gentleman named river porter

if we needed supplies or something

sylvester asked them if they had seen anyone sick with the plague around here

one of the 4 men said "you see that sad sob right there"

pointing to his friend

"we killed their cousin who had the plague"

i got off my horse

took the 4 men's ammo 

and left each of them with 1 bullet

44 extra bullets will give us a real upper-hand 

taxes for the empire

we camped for the 4th night safely again

and by the next afternoon

we could see the border of the empire of texas in the distance

and a small fort building

with the flag of the empire waving over it

in the middle of the broken assphalt

with the ugly glass growing 

through its cracks

from our distance it looked empty

but as we rode our horses closer

we could see people in the windows

boy we were happy then

as we rode closer they started shooting as us

reyes was shot down

we fired back and took out 2 of them through the windows

we took cover and i applied a tourniquet to reyes

things were quiet 

we didn't know how many were inside

we snuck into a window

i shot one of the scoundrels with my rifle like 6 times

dewey went after one with his sabre and cut this poor bastard's hand off

but before sylvester could kill the last man

that last man

with a sabre in his hand

cut off dewey's head

next session we will load up the amber fluid and see what else we can find of use in the house before we leave the only land we've known, the empire of texas, and find the town of herillo

i took dewey's harmonica

paper and pencil

i'm going to map this land

for dewey


you can find the rules to play violence on luke's blog

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