¡ happy troika day !

it's 6/6/2023

in troika you roll 2d6

so it's officially troika day

some of yall know that i have been running an ongoing troika campaign

one of my players asked me to turn her into a background

Natalie Portman
You're the real-life version of your characters from 'V for Vendetta' and 'Garden State' combined. You go to conferences where important people are talking about important issues; that means you're important too. 

-psychology degree from a private ivy league school
-a playlist showcasing your love of 'freak folk'
-d6 wristbands for causes
-ballet shoes

Advanced Skills:
4 award winning acting 
3 spherically aware (current events)
1 mathmology - ballet
1 psychology

can cast amity once a day as rank 1 

you're welcome natalie 


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