d66 encounters from a discord chat on 03/04/2023

unedited, raw, game design lol

by bolt-neck possum and i

12:10 AM me: lets writ soemthing one sentece at a tim elol it dont have to be now but sometime lol

12:10 AM Bolt-Neck Opossum: Sure you start

12:10 AM me: ok!!!

12:11 AM mean adventure or jsut something weird

12:11 AM Bolt-Neck OpossumAdventure

12:12 AM me: The iron gate to the cemetery is locked.

12:13 AM Bolt-Neck Opossum: Moss creeps across long-filled graves.

12:15 AM me: You come across a family plot and the grave stones are all children who died before they turned 2 years old.

12:17 AM Bolt-Neck Opossum: James, Jeffrey, Jofry, Grant; names positioned like notes upon sheet music.

12:19 AM me: Slowly the sounds of crying babies begin to be heard.

12:21 AM Bolt-Neck Opossum: They break your concentration, then your heart.

12:22 AM me: Everyone make a save, or begin to feel cramps and throw up.

12:23 AM Bolt-Neck Opossum: Fetal pieces squirm in the sick.

12:24 AM me: Roll on the encounter table.

12:24 AM Bolt-Neck Opossum: D66 encounters

12:25 AM me: 11. the hollowed ground begins to rumble.

12:25 AM Bolt-Neck Opossum: 12. Homoculi around your feet.

12:27 AM me: 13. a heavy fog rolls in

12:30 AM Bolt-Neck Opossum: 14. Rain like needles fall from the sky save or feel one in your eye.

12:31 AM me: 15. your phones all send a nude to everyone in your contacts and then die but you can still hear your text notifications blowing up

12:33 AM Bolt-Neck Opossum: 16. Infant hands reach for your neck.

12:33 AM me: 21. headlights in the distance begin to approach

12:34 AM Bolt-Neck Opossum: 22 Water rises round your feet; the dead here don't float.

12:35 AM me: 23. a black cat crosses your path, it hisses and then starts to turn inside out from its asshole, its pre-attack ritual

12:37 AM Bolt-Neck Opossum: 24 Cicadas sing a soothing lullaby, save or sleep amongst the dead.

12:39 AM me: 25. you step on a rake and it pops up and hits you in the face

12:42 AM Bolt-Neck Opossum: 26 A gravedigger pats the earth, he doesn't like the cut of your jib.

12:44 AM me: 31 you end up back at the entrance

12:46 AM Bolt-Neck Opossum: 31 Your fingers twitch desiring a non existent rosary

12:49 AM me: 33. a tent at edge of the woods and the cemetary

12:52 AM Bolt-Neck Opossum: 34 A gargoyle yawns from the chapel arch

12:52 AM me: 35. a telephone pole catches on fire

12:53 AM Bolt-Neck Opossum: 36 A suburbanite ghoul hungry for fresh flesh

12:53 AM me: 41. a peach tree, anyone who takes a peach sees their crush in the distance

12:54 AM Bolt-Neck Opossum: 42 Terrible Chester, vicious tabby of mausoleum

12:55 AM me: 43. a giant bird nest in the tree large enough for a cow

12:57 AM Bolt-Neck Opossum: 44. A tombstone golem

12:58 AM me: 45. mosquito swarm, save or become blind, and 1d3 days later your entire body will be covered in one large blister

1:00 AM Bolt-Neck Opossum: 46. Ghosts tickle your sides and thigh, Babies havr no boundaries.

1:01 AM me: 51. an open grave with the name CHRIS KRINGLE

1:05 AM Bolt-Neck Opossum: 52 babies breath and roses offered at each grave--pluck them and know what loss is

1:06 AM me: 53. the moon falls from the sky, says ouch fuck, and then rises again

1:08 AM Bolt-Neck Oppossum: 54 A statue of Saint Bartholomew questions your motives.

1:09 AM me: 55. you hear the sound of a lawnmower headed your directoin

1:12 AM Bolt-Neck Opossum: 56 Crows watch you, predicting carrion.

1:19 AM me: 61. the ghost of flannery o conor asking to take her to her daughter

1:20 AM Bolt-Neck Opossum: 62 the ghost of Richard brautiigan offers you wine.

1:21 AM me: 63. Teenagers on a joyride

1:22 AM Bolt-Neck Opossum: 64 Broken bottle from the nights rondevous.

1:24 AM me: 65 d20 people shooting a music video

1:24 AM Bolt-Neck Opossum: 66 d20 people shooting up

1:24 AM me: fuck finally we are done lol

1:24 AM Bolt-Neck Opossum: Lol

1:24 AM me: send it to layout LOL

1:24 AM Bolt-Neck Opossum: Lmao

1:31 AM me: i feel like my computer is messed up

1:31AM Bolt-Neck Opossum: hm

1:39 AM me: worlds got me down

1:47 AM Bolt-Neck Opossum: I know

1:49 AM me: ate a lot of nachos tonight

1:49 AM me: and beer

1:51 AM me: might spray paint 'spooky rusty dot com' really big in certain places soon

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