This is Violence Now (session 1)

today i played violence by luke gearing

tony jaguar ran the empire of texas

for just me

my character's name was raymundo

he was a texas soldier armed with a lance, a sabre, a revolver, and a lever-action rifle

he was accompanied by 3 other soldiers and 8 other men who were just released from prison

our mission was to find a town named herillo

and deliver 250 doses of amber fluid to stave off the plague 

but we didn't have a map

or know where the town was

but we were well prepared

we had 3 wagons

each being pulled by 4 horses

and every man had their own horse to ride as well

and were at least

armed with a pistol

one of the texas soldiers named jon carter wanted to go south 

to see his cousin edmundo in the town of kendee

he said his cousin had 3 wives

in the afternoon of the first day

we saw a wagon moving west in the distance

but we kept making our way south

that night we set up camp

and heard a rustling start to surround us

we fed the fire for more light

reymundo stood on the front of one of the wagons with his rifle

he saw like a dozen man sized lizards crawling around 

one of the prisoners said 'we could eat that thing' 

or something like that

reymundo shot at one of them bigass lizards but missed

the lizards got mad 

one of them came after reymundo

tried to climb up the wagon and attack him

but reymundo blasted that fool 3 times

the lot of lizards snuck back into the night after that

it wasn't long until we were met with violence after hittin' the trails south again the next morning

out of nowhere, gun shots rang out

before we knew what was happening miguel and charles were already down


then victor and anton went down


they had surprised us

luckily for us though

they missed all of their second shots

we had them outnumbered

12 to 6

they weren't even on horseback

those filthy scoundrels

then all of our men that shot back at them missed

then they killt 4 more of us

i tried to count how many shots these men had fired 

they were just using pistols

was it 5 or 6

i saw one of them hide behind a small oak tree

i unloaded 6 bullets into him


we thought we had 'em

those newly freed men i was rolling with stood their ground with me

i was rolling bad

we all got shot down


6 took 12

the last 5 took everything we had


I should have added this link, the rules are free on Luke’s blog https://lukegearing.blot.im/violence

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