Alaska Violence 1986 (writing process part 4... featuring Haha I'm Using Violence)

*update* 04/08/2024 1986 just so happened to be when the National Firearms Act was implemented and was the last year machine guns were able to be registered with the federal government so I asked my friend to help me come up with a d66 list of machine guns for Alaska Violence. Federal Machine Gun List: 11 = .41 Action Express Uzi, 10 round mag, full auto 12 = 5.56 NATO Ak 5, 30 round mag, full auto 13 = 20 Gauge Benelli M1, 3 shell tube, semi auto 14 = 12 Gauge Spas-15, 3 shell magazine, full auto 15 = 5.56 NATO Model L, 12 round mag, full auto 16 = 5.45 Russian AIMS-74, 30 round mag, full auto 21 = 5.56 SG 550, 5 round mag, auto 22 = .308 Valmet M86, 5 round box, bolt action 23 = 5.56 NATO Negev, 35 round mag, auto 24 = 5.56 Ultimax 100, 30 round mag, auto 25 = 7.62 NATO Zastava M77, 20 round mag, auto 26 = 5.56 NATO M249, 100 round pouch, auto 31 = 5.56 Ameli, 100 round belt, auto 32 = 5.56 NATO Minimi, 60 round mag, auto 33 = 5.45 Russian PU-21, 20 round box, auto 34 = 7.62 Soviet Type 81, 20 round mag, auto 35 = 5.56 SA80, 60 round mag, auto 36 = 5.56 NATO Stoner 63, 20 round box, auto 41 = 7.62 Russian PKP, 100 round belt, auto 42 = 7.62 NATO HK21, 50 round drum, auto 43 = 7.62 Soviet RPK, 40 round mag, auto 44 = 7.62 Russian Type 67, 250 round belt, auto 45 = 7.62 NATO MG3, 50 round belt, auto 46 = 7.62 Russian UK vz. 59, 50 round belt, auto 51 = 7.62 Soviet KK 62, 100 round belt, auto 52 = 7.62 NATO M240, 50 round pouch, auto 53 = .303 British Dror, 20 round mag, auto 54 = 7.92 Mauser MG45, 75 round belt, auto 55 = 7.62 Soviet RPD, 100 round belt, auto 56 = .303 British Charlton, 10 round mag, auto 61 = 7.92 Mauser FG42, 10 round mag, auto 62 = 6.5 Swedish KGM40, 20 round mag, auto 63 = .30-06 Springfield Johnson, 20 round mag, auto 64 = .303 British Bren, 30 round mag, auto 65 = 7.92 Mauser MG30, 30 round mag, auto 66 = .30-06 BAR, 20 round mag, auto
Tony is still banging out new art for us as we get our website built and design new logos.
Thanks for following along, hoping to have more hexes posted soon. Alaska has no association with Luke Gearing. It's a setting for his game Violence.

04/02/2024 Hexes 1 and 28 added.

Tony is working on logos and shit for our new website. 
I took a picture of Tony at the grand opening of his friend's new pizza restaurant with my phone. 

Tony drew the bird, the pizza, and the beer. Another artist painted it on the wall. 

I've m
ade a playlist for Alaska (on youtube, it's the only place most of these songs are available [damn shame] which sucks because Starred is one of the best bands I've discovered). 

I recommend listening to rap when playing TTRPGs with your friends. I carefully curated the playlist to reflect Alaska Violence's hexes. These are the songs I will burn to a CD for Yorgos Lanthimos to listen to when he buys the movie rights. It will win more Oscars than Poor Things. Rob Pattinson and Matt Dillon will be in the movie. Someone in the film will be decapitated. 

Here's a moose Sean Richer drew me. 
I've blogged about his books (12345).  *update*

*update* 03/23/2024 Rewrote Hex 15. Working on new visuals *update*
*update* 03/19/2024 Disillusionment Bay - A Series of Small Islands. New hexes added (2, 5, 20, 27). This is not cover art. I think of it more as a poster. We are building new assets for our own new website. *update*
*update* 03/18/2024 New hexes added (7, 15, 17, 18, 21, 22, 23) *update*

Before I begin, Violence is a rules-lite TTRPG by Luke Gearing (available on his blogitch, or purchase a physical copy from Spear Witch). All proceeds from this project go to Ukraine refugee aid. Fuck war.

Find a plot of land.

Write words upon the land every 'so many' miles. 

Paint numbers over the words.


Spend 9 months writing, rewriting, and eventually running your setting for your closest friends. 

Alaska Violence 1986 will be the next zine released by Spooky Jaguar. That's just a working title. It's a setting/west march/whatever the fuck. I really like the Violence game rules. 

I'm going to begin sharing our process as it comes to life.

The following are excerpts from our upcoming release's second self-edit...

The call of the moose at twilight rings your ears. 

Hex 1.
Moose joust over a mate.

Hex 2.
A Beaver dam. Did you know the anal gland of the beaver is very expensive and used in making perfumes?

Hex 5. 
D20 people wearing black hats and jackets, a blue logo on their backs, it says PBJ Fishing. They’re not fishing on company time. One of them is moving awkwardly while the others laugh around him. A squirrel climbs a tree carrying two nuts.  

Hex 6. The Fisherman
He cuts holes in the ice with his chainsaw, then fishes and drinks on the lake for d4 days. His truck is parked on ice. There's a camper in the bed of the pickup truck. Only he knows the safe path to drive the truck on the frozen lake. 

Hex 7. 
The forest is made of furs and pines laced with cobwebs and rivulets of frozen sap. The woods are saturated underfoot and overhead, dark and dripping and slippery, dead falls covered with a skin of slime. On the ground is an old felt hat with netting tied around the brim to keep mosquitos off. A warning of things to come. If players spend the night here, they will be attacked by a mosquito swarm if they’re not cautious.

Hex 10.
Lucianne washed her hands and clothes here, back in '66, after she finished burying her husband next to a tree marked with a crossed L+M, not too far from the river. If his body is dug out, Mark will have more bones than rotten meat; he is still wearing a Speedo and a waterproof Seiko on his wrist. He kept his promise. 

Hex 14. 
Six pounds of coffee, ten pounds of sugar, two dozen tins of milk, twenty-five pounds of flour, six pounds of butter, six dozen eggs, twenty-five pounds of potatoes, twelve loaves of bread, five T-bone steaks, four bars of yellow Lenox soap, a thousand pounds of fish heads for the foxes to eat, and a shortwave radio—all inside a sailboat. Driving the sailboat with intentions of stealing from the fox farm, there are: Chris Richie, Lionel R, and Tucson Broad. Only Tucson can pilot a boat and bosses the other two around. Lionel is the evilest, therefore he has a fake eye, a single golden tooth and a scar from his forehead to his chin. Chris wants to be like Lionel but lacks the funds, hence this crime, wears a pink polo. Tucson likes boats, cocaine, and pussy, in this order, looks like Al Pacino or De Niro and only wears white. They’re all trigger happy and cocained.

Hex 15. A married couple, both deaf, Mark and Maryann. She was born deaf, and he got old too fast. They wear hearing aids, sometimes she forgets to change the batteries. She is seventy-six, he is eighty-one. They’re self-sufficient, living in a house they built together. When they first arrived in Alaska they were ridiculed by the locals, but they were never afraid of bears, guns, lynxes, ticks, human traffickers, young people, wolves, or squirrels. They own three shotguns, two pistols, and enough shells and bullets to get them through more winter. Only trusting of indigenous people. A married couple, Mark and Maryann. They both wear hearing aids, but Maryann enjoys forgetting hers at home and feeling Mark out through the quiet. She is forty-six, he is fifty-one. In their cabin, he speaks while she answers in hand sign, outside, they exchange funny looks. They’re self-sufficient, living in a house they built together. When they first arrived in Alaska they were ridiculed by the locals, but they were never afraid of bears, guns, lynxes, ticks, human traffickers, young people, wolves, or squirrels. They own three shotguns, two pistols, and enough shells and bullets to get them through the next winter. Their money comes from being early Apple investors, which had just released the iconic Macintosh Plus. They spend a couple days in the city every four or five weeks and trap their whole cabin while they’re out.

Hex 17. Underground magma creates hot springs, sitting on the ring of fire.

Hex 18. A wet fog that came down and never lifted again. You can find two men decapitated, naked, hands removed. They once wrote a few books together. 

Hex 20. Disillusionment Bay - A Series of Small Islands The most run-down shack in White Eye belongs to Too-Much Jackson. Grass grows a foot high on the roof, hemp sacking is nailed over the windows, a pile of rusting muskrat traps (their glands sell for a lot for stuff like perfume), the door is a tattered blanket, inside: sacks of meal, a tin stove, a woman sitting on a broken chair in a corner, an old brass bedstead without a mattress, an old sheepskin coat hanging from a peg near the tin stove, the woman will say that she no longer wishes to be the wife of Too-Much Jackson, her name is Sipsu, with no one to grant her justice and no way to escape the desolation that is this lot, she will request the players to grant her a divorce, any white man will do, it means more than the missionary that wedded them, Too-Much Jackson will stalk the party and attempt to murder the man who grants her this request. In a smokehouse he has tied up a man who has gone mad from mosquitos. Will try to get a reward to “saving him” or turn him loose on the players. The Other Side of the Bay On the other side of the bay lives Olaf Olafson, a blue fox farmer. Blue fox farming isn’t so difficult on this island, otherwise, he wouldn’t do it. Most blue foxes are not aggressive towards humans, they’re hard to catch though. Olaf lives and runs his fox farm on this island with his four malamutes, fiercest dogs you’ve ever seen; is married to a Native woman named Passuk, traded one fox for her hand; a stinky cabin, the roof glints green with fungus, one large room built crudely of unpeeled logs and moss to fill the spaces between the logs, parchment windows, kerosene lamps hang from the rafters. The native tribe across the waters don’t like him; has a mostly charred and burned-down sailboat. There are about two hundred foxes screaming, running, shitting, fucking on top of an indigenous burial ground. Each one is worth about eight hundred dollars, but the natives are afraid of Olaf Olafson, he can’t sleep because the foxes bark all day, his eyes are always red. Passuk names each blue baby fox and cares for them with her longhaired cats. The cats are great mothers, but Passuk throws every child she has borne into the freezing water of the lake, out of respect towards the dead under the farm. The baby foxes would be eaten by the others, no doubt. A Gentleman at The Gamelands wants to buy the best blue foxes in Alaska.

Hex 21. A Camp in a Clearing… Or what is left of it.

Downed tents, brand-new shirts, pants, drawers, boots, and hunting caps stung about, sacks of dried apricots and beans slashed open and scattered among the clothes and ashes. A slab of bacon lying on a heap of trampled canvas tents, bottles of whiskey, and a new axe.

Hex 22. Two men hide in sleeping bags in the roots of a dead spruce, reeking of whiskey. One has a rifle, and the other is unconscious and wrapped in ripped clothing, a bloody mummy.

Hex 23.  A grizzly bear in hyperphagia (an extreme hunger that cannot be satisfied) has caught 30 salmon today.

Hex 26.
A seaplane named Electra sits in a spruce grove—its final resting place—intact except for the sheared-off landing gear and a missing wing. The cabin is packed tightly from rear to front and floor to ceiling with more than a thousand pounds of sealskins. The pilot is buried inside the half-ton of fur, smiling and still warm; dead by suffocation. 

Hex 27.
Homesteader claiming land. When he speaks nothing in his face moves. Carries a rifle (.300 H&H magnum) and has a stiff stride. Wears chain mail.

Hex 28.
Ferris Bueller's Day Off VHS tape. A green finger.

Appendix N:
- The album Disappeared by The Sarto Klyn V (bandcamp). Noir Jazz.
- The album KIller Whale Atmospheres by Rainforest Spiritual Enslavement (bandcamp). Ambient Techno.
- The album Arctic Circuitry [Digital Remaster] by Electric Specter 電妖怪 (bandcamp). Slush Wave.
- The albums Tiny Dynamite and Echoes in a Shallow Bay by Cocteau Twins (youtube). Ethereal Wave. 

- The album GEO - C02; Glaciology - Visions 2016​—​2021 by Glaciology (bandcamp). Slush Wave.