Very Pretty but Lonely Paleozoic Pals (soloing ttrpgs)

As part of going through a bad break up it's good to look inward and reflect. I decided to finally give solo gaming a shot. I will be recapping each session of my soloing adventures for Very Pretty Paleozoic Pals Permian Nations by Evey Lockhart. My ex purchased this book for me and I never had a chance to run it for any of my friends before. I've made 2 characters to start out with and I'm just using Troika!'s rules as written to the best of my understanding. Won't be using any kind of soloing house rules that I have seen online before. 

One thing you do need for soloing ttrpgs though is an oracle. I'm using one called Recluse. It's just a questions answering tool. 

See you soon with highlights from session 1! 


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