Very Lonely but Pretty Paleozoic Pals part 1 a solo game to hook you

    Harpnoodler, the Natural Philosopher Nautiloid was the bestest of friends with Frogbroth, the Fern Hag Dimetrodon. Neither one of them had any memories of their parents. The only memories they each possessed were of playing along one another's side in the Dimetrodon Marshlands. 

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    "You know what?" Harpnoodler asked under a starlit sky night on a beach in the marsh. 
    "What?" Said Frogbroth.
    "I want to find that nearby village and buy us real friendship bracelets."
    "But I like the one you made me." Frogbroth buried her back left ankle into the sand. Hiding the fact that the anklet Harpnoodler made her a few days before had been torn off her leg earlier this day.

    They left at dawn. They only knew it would be 3 days east along the marsh. 
    Almost immediately along the narrow trail they come across two Thrinaxodon wanderers that seem dissatisfied. They seem to be diggers for hire walking right towards Harpnoodler and Frogbroth. The Thrinaxodons are eyeing Harp and Frog up and down, looking at their belongings. 

    The Thrinaxodons pass mumbling to one another. Harp and Frog don't look back. Both Thrinaxodons grab Harpnoodler. Pinning her. They in-fact rolled a mighty blow against her. Harpnoodler attempts to use telekinesis to bash one with a rock but misses. Frogbroth gets a chance to bite one and she kills them, feeding for a moment. Harpnoodler breaks free and uses her weighted shell to crush the other one to death after struggling way too long.

    "I'm pretty hurt." 
    "No me."

    Harpnoodler hands a fish jerky to Frogbroth.
    "Come nightfall I'll call the voidstar," Says Frogbreath swallowing the last of her fish jerky.

    Their feet get sore...
    Harpnoodler says she's tired of walking and casts levitate.
    Eventually the trail leads them to a clearing. There are 8 statues in a circle. Each one is 5' tall. The Circle of statues is 50' wide. The statues look dark grey with alien (human) faces carved on them. In the center is armor made from Rubidgea hide (armour 1). 
    "Take it. It's yours" Harpnoodler says to Frogbroth.
    "Alright. This freaky. Lemme try to find some medicinal herbs."
    ...6 hours later they didn't find a single herb.

    "Sorry we'll have to do this sober." Sighs Frogbroth.

    It's dark now and there's footprints on the trail if anyone notices. Harpnoodler does as she levitates above them.

    "Let's call the voidstar here," Frogbroth whispers. A void melon appears in the paws of Frogbroth.
    "This did nothing! We need food!" Harp says as the void orb hovers 6' from the ground. "The foot tracks are headed north. We're going east."
    Harpnoodler levitates into the treetops and takes nest for the night. Frogbroth sweeps the brush under the trees with her snout, legs and tail. She circles herself a nest under the trees calling to the constellation of dead wisdom. It's successful.

    The voidstar vibrates and glides to Frogbroth's long spanning fan. It collides against it and rolls down to the tip of her tail. It levitates there and vibrates at the end of her tail. 
    The spirits of the marsh commune to Frogbroth as she sleeps... she dreams of her family history ashore Gold Stone Island and the waves beneath. 

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