How to get rid of your curse, a d20 table.

These entries could also work as a quests for a great way to start a campaign.

  1. see the sea through the eyes of a beast
  2. sink a 3 masted ship
  3. get a tattoo with blue-black octopus ink
  4. candy the heart of a demon and eat it
  5. catch 50 moths and cause them to eat the clothes of a noble
  6. survive a fall from the dragon to the sea
  7. stick the feather of a carrion bird from an uncharted island in your hair
  8. visit a peach orchard and insult it’s owner
  9. smother a foe with a whale gut
  10. befriend a blind man
  11. walking 500 miles on foot
  12. deliver justice to a dozen random souls
  13. steal an embalmed jaguar from a dungeon
  14. hunt 9 unicorn poachers
  15. drink the milk of a lactating murder ox
  16. get knighted in every hemisphere
  17. review 50 inns
  18. recover a rusted weapon from a sunken ship
  19. kiss a cockatrice’s buttock
  20. consult the toad tarot concerning the fortune of 6 princes and bring them to fruition