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in the next spooky jaguar international adventure, i would like to copy and paste one of my own short stories into the adventure; a character would pick up a book and read it, and it would show what was read, and what was read will be my short story

when people buy our zine they will also have one of my short stories; if my friends write short stories i could include 3-4 short stories inside one of my adventures

i think this would be original and exciting 

another idea i have is that i think people should copy and paste our new adventure The Weeps into a good doc and then edit it and retitle it and release it

it would be funny if the same adventure with some differences got published by over 20 people

an easy way to rewrite this adventure would be just to change the setting 

i encourage people to take our adventures and edit it and submit it places, and write about it on your blog or comment here or email me or send me a dm on twitter when it gets accepted so tony and i can look at it and think 'haha'

i would like to make a post 2 months from now of links to 10 versions of the same adventure by different people on different websites, it would be funny and interesting to see what different people did


in other news i have started a podcast with bolt-neck possum (who has just released a new adventure for Liminal Horror!)

i’m still editing the video but it will be up in a week

we are going to talk about some really cool zines that more people should be aware of

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