A new background for your Troika! games...

Hamster Girl <3
You ride the bus to the store to shoplift batteries. When you get back home you sell the batteries on an online auction site. Working part time as a janitor at the nearest school isn't coving the bills. 

Bottle of organic cruelty free shampoo
3 boxes of pasta made from organic soybeans your friend mailed you
Bus pass
A box cutter

Advanced Skills:
1 Climbing
2 Shoplifting
2 Sneaking
2 Writing poetry and short stories about feeling existentially challenged
2 Making smoothies
3 Biting (damage as small beast)

I've been writing a modern suburban troika adventure for a MINUTE. Imposter syndrome is real. Don't let that shit get you down. Don't lose momentum. That top piece of art was made using a prompt based AI art generator. I'm including a portrait I drew of her in paint below. Thinking about making my suburban adventure a project for Zine Quest 4. Also contemplating just printing it myself and you know trying to get stores to buy it in bulk and sell copies out of the back of my truck along with my mixtape.
Drop an 'ell Yeah! in the comments if you love Hamster Girl. <3


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