6 Encounters for Acid Death Fantasy

I'm going to run a 1 on 1 play by post game for one of my best friends soon so I made a table. (They won't see this post. I think.)

1). An astronaut lays wounded in a crashed spacecraft, damaged beyond repair.  1d6-2 Dunesharks circle the craft.

2). A humanoid robot carrying a spear and dragging a dead Sahg behind it. It has learned how to hunt by spying on humans, but doesn't understand what to do with the dead animals. It just piles them into its cave.

3). A Guerrilla Droid, extending their head several meters above their body, is surveying the dunes. It cannot be surprised. Its band of 1d6-2 Guerrilla Droids are within earshot.

4). A Coated Man with a robotic hook arm commands a group of 6 Rogue Warflock. They demand the players hand over any metal items in their possession, which their leader will proceed to eat. The Coated Man earns +1 skill for each piece of metal he consumes; this effect lasts one day. His hunger for metal can not be satiated.

5). 3d6 Beaked Starfish make their home in the shade of a disabled A.I. Tank.

6). A two-headed Ruin Degenerate lays face down in the sand. Their body is half purple & half blue. Players who investigate the body must test luck or suffer a random mutation.
 (Here's a nifty 1d500 mutation table. It's the first result if you google 'osr random mutation table')


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