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cryptid in july poetry day 01, the flatwoods monster


a poem about the flatwoods monster

her rubber boots enable her to do great things

last week she walked through a creek with her rubber boots on

a brown duck, a gray duck, and a brown and grey duck with a green head swam by

against the current

in the middle of the creek

they didn’t move forward or backward

the flatwoods monster grabbed the brown and grey duck with a green head

it didn’t try to swim or fly away

the flatwoods monster tied a string around its neck

the flatwoods monster walked and the duck flew above it like a balloon

the flatwoods monster and the duck went on a three day killing spree

one night the duck looked into the orange glowing eyes of the flatwoods monster and asked “why did you make me kill things”

the flatwoods monster felt ashamed and stood staring at the ground very still

the duck flew violently forward until the string choked it and broke its neck

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