cryptid in july poetry day 18, the mantis-man

a poem about the mantis-man

the day after his birthday
after a hard night of drinking
deep within a festering
barren pool of pollution
under the city
the mantis-man formerly known as Shane
woke up on his couch at 4:45am
in his underwear
with a terrible stiffness in his neck
saw no texts from his girlfriend
and went back to bed

the mantis-man and his girlfriend are both compliance attorneys in their early thirties
they share an office
they are both left-wing
ultra-conservative conservationists
that spend their off-time flour-pasting environmental flyers to telephone poles

the mantis-man has many problems
the spikes on his grasping forelegs are dull
many people hate him because he is a mantis-man
some people hate him because he has extreme difficulties communicating with others
this makes others feel uncomfortable around him

contrary to what you might think
the mantis-man is not a fictional character

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