someone reviewed my zine and interviewed me so i decided to review them, another zine, and call ernest hemingway on the phone

Exsilium Games is the author of The B Team (an entry from the Troika City Jam) and Crystal Spinx (which is also available in print from Spear Witch). 

They live in the UK. 

They reviewed my zine 'Third Sphere' (Troika! exclusive) and interviewed me as well as the designer Tony Jaguar (you should hire him if you need art/layout).

Go here to read what they and I have said about it.

I've decided to blog about their zine 'The B Team' and another submission to the Troika City Jam, 'Stack Gang' by Orbital Intelligence

The B Team:

It's inspired by (and I'm quoting the zine itself when I say this) "The A Team (1983), Jarhead (2005), Planet of The Apes (2001), and the song Loose Talking from the band Show Me the Body". I recommend listening to this song after reading this blogpost and think of apes cleaning their weapons in the undergrounds of Troika City, plotting their next mission, to infiltrate a Banana Republic. I listened to the song on repeat. They have become one of my new favorite bands. 

It provides 4 backgrounds (with stats if you'd rather use them as enemies), tables for generating adventures, and a unique voice. 

Layout is clean and I love the xerox vibe of the character art.

My favorite character is LCPL "Glock" Gibbons. 'A seasoned veteran and published author'. Many of his books are on Troika City best-seller lists. Salmon Rushdie has tweeted the words 'important' and 'good' regarding Gibbons. 

The B Team is pushing Troika forward and doing something different. I like this. 

This zine should be sold at wal-mart, k-mart, and toys 'r us.

Stack Gang:

It's a whole-ass setting about a group of people standing on each other's shoulders (you can play as these backgrounds), Stack Gang Magic, Heaps, TrashCorps, TrashCans, Flatmen, 2 dimensional entities, and 3 dimensional entities.  

I read 'Stack Gang' over the last few days (it's a lot of pages). Really like it. It had me laughing on the bus, I looked crazy. Just looking at my phone with no sounds coming out. 



You can read more about the book at the following link. Orbital Intelligence has learned the art of markdown (something that I feel is quickly gaining popularity in the osr/nsr and I would like to learn as well in the future with the help of this website/book perhaps) to share their ttrpg catalog online, freely.


Stack Gang is pushing Troika forward and doing something different. I like this. 

This zine should be sold at wal-mart, k-mart, and toys 'r us.

phone interview with ernest hemingway:

'is ernest hemingway there?' i said

'i'm ernest hemingway' 

'you are doing a novel about fishing with machine guns; tell me about it'

'the fishing with machine guns novel—'

'darkness will descend on your head under the cover of night and the incoming death of blackness against your face; rise up, the death of thousands will cover your face like a veil of darkness,' he said

'this interview is over' i said

i hung up

i went to the kitchen

i took a monster to my bedroom

it took so little time that physics took human form and punched me in my face


The faces in the art of 'Stack Gang' look 99.99% like A.I. art.

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