one writing process

attend happy hour

have a pain aid

have a sleep aid

find a dollar store journal with a good 'vibe'

open youtube 

search 'emo mixtape'

click on 'filter' 

click on 'upload date'

find a title and thumbnail of the 'current vibe' and listen to that shit

write some of that novella (in longhand)

the 'vibe' tonight is: 'on late nights i still think of you - a midwest emo mixtape'

this mixtape has so many highs and lows
it's tragic that the track list wasn't listed in the video description and that the comments are turned off
i tried to google some lines of lyrics from different songs to figure out who the band was to no avail 
bright eyes is on it, i fucking love conor oberst, he called me on my birthday via face time (here's a screenshot)
i guarantee it that every single member of each band on this 26 minute mixtape has: i hate myself, the mineral, and bright eyes on a music app saved in their cellphones
(at this point in the blog post i found one of the artists on the mixtape because the lyrics were so good and it kind of sounded like a matchbook romance acoustic song)
i searched "we couldn't see the stars, but you said you could feel them,
i couldn't feel the stars"

the next line goes "i want to tell you that I think you're adorable but i think i'd rather you just kick me in the shins"

write for 26 minutes while listening to a mixtape
do it again tomorrow with a new mixtape
you never learn how to write
every time you sit down you have to learn how to write all over again
the process of writing is an exploration
if you don't have time
you don't have priorities
start using that imagination and courage

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