do you have cellular devices in your games? (a d100 table for generating npc contacts)

手機 (shǒujī) means cellphone/smartphone & translates to 'hand machine'

電話 (diànhuà) means phone & translates to 'electric words'

in Taiwan they use the term ​低头族 ('face-down' '["group" or "generation"]') in reference to people who are always looking down at their phones in public.

i recommend not having your phone with you.

i recommend breaking your phone.

i recommend not having a phone or a future.

one can do things one does on a computer.

probably one of the only times i've felt like a genius was when i texted 'fuck you, dumbass' from my mom's phone to my younger bother's phone.

i have a daily urge to dispose my phone.

i've been having mild visions of me or other people cutting down cell phone towers with chainsaws.

in 2002 a French study on negative effects of living within 300 meters of a cell phone tower included sleep disturbance, discomfort, depression, and headaches.

microwaves from smartphones open the blood-brain barrier. if you feel depressed, confused, and/or unstable, try putting your phone on airplane mode, unplugging your wireless technology, and spending more time in low EMF areas, like a forest.

(this blog is impervious to criticism)

here's a d100 table to generate npc

contacts for your players' cellular devices.

1. work 2-9. an ex 10. your boss 11. your roommate 12-16. coworkers 17. your best friend 18-20. your parents 21. a friend of a friend 22. a Chinese restaurant 23. your friend's brother 24-27. people you have kissed 28. a good person and you feel sad now 29. your best friend in fourth grade 30. you still have a crush on this one 31-34. people you went to school with 35-36. people that are just nice and you like 37. an online friend that gave you their number 38. someone you might go to a movie with as friends 39. you don't know why their number is in your phone 40. they lent you the first season of x-files on dvd 41. this one makes you so sad when you see their name 42. a really good person you used to work with 43. someone who told you that you don't know much about life 44. someone you'd like to see sometimes but wouldn't confide in 45. they aren't in the same city as you and that makes you feel sad 46. someone you've never called and can't imagine that you will 47. someone who said they love you, and does, and you feel sad about that 48. this person is under a different name than you thought it would be 49. someone you like and who likes you and hopefully becomes your friend 50. someone you told you're in love with, is really nice, and attractive 51. you wrote weird things about them on the bathroom wall in high school 52. someone you don't really know and whose number you can delete 53. someone you talk so much shit about and don't know what's going to happen 54-55. people that seem to like you but you really want them to like you a lot 56. a friend of a friend, sort of, you could delete their number from your phone 57. someone you don't know, they are cool though, you have seen them three times 58. a crush you had but now you really just want to be not-very-close-friends with 59. they came over to your parent's house and played scrabble, now you feel sad 60. someone you made out with once while you were both drunk, and would make out with again, you think 61. a person you really liked when you first met and don't like very much now, but it's ok 62. when you're seen with this person you feel embarrassed and stupidly proud at the same time 63. only a first name but you feel distanced enough from them that you think a last name is due 64. someone you used to be friends with, and saw recently, but you're not sure how you feel about them 65. you have to delete this number! though they texted you on new years, and everybody else too probably 66. someone you thought was in love with you, and that made you sad, but you don't think they are anymore, maybe 67-70. people you used to live with in a big stupid house a couple blocks away from where you live now 71. this person got arrested for 'car-shopping' you think they called it, when they steal shit out of parked cars 72. someone who left town for a month or two, you saw them a couple days ago and you were really happy to see them 73. one you met once, and then again a few months later, but you felt tired and nervous about other things both times 74. someone who didn't hangout with you recently because they had already made plans, but you feel like it was an insult anyway 75. someone who said they had a huge crush on you, but someone told you they are a liar, but you would never go out with this person 76. someone you told once that you were just going to stay friends with because you were going to see a band together and you didn't want that to be awkward 77. they haven't answered your calls for months and years, but do now, and whenever you see them you tell them how glad you are that you're friends and they say 'yeah' 78. you think you wrote poems about having a crush on them over a year ago and you feel totally distanced from feeling that way, but when you see them you feel good and okay, you have fun when you see them and feel like they're your peer, you feel depressed and numb sort of right now 79-100. a drug dealer


all phones do 1 'damage'

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