write when you feel sad part 2 (a story of a generation)

Tony takes a shower.

Tony brushes his teeth.

He thinks "I'm healthy."

He thinks "Should I have a bidet? At my parents' house, they have a bidet. They have so much stuff. I should have more stuff. At some point."

He looks at himself in the mirror. 

He thinks "I should shave."

He walks into his bedroom. 

He puts clothes on.

He walks to the kitchen.

His girlfriend's cat is on top of the refrigerator. 

Tony says "Come on, baby."

He picks up his girlfriend's cat.

Tony's girlfriend's cat scratches Tony's hand.

Tony walks into his bedroom.

He closes the door. 

Tony puts down the cat.

The cat jumps on Tony's bed.

The cat is just there.

Tony leaves the bedroom.

He closes the door behind him.

He thinks "Lazy ass cat."

He walks to the kitchen.

He washes dishes. 

He thinks "I'm always happy when I get drunk and don't fuck things up too bad. I always think, 'That was dumb. I'm fine.'"

Tony lies on the couch.

He stands up.

He picks up a DVD.

The DVD is Old Boy.

Tony turns on the DVD player.

He puts Old Boy into the DVD player.

Tony turns on the TV.

He presses play.

Tony lies on the couch.

He thinks "I should stop eating wheat maybe."

Tony stands up. 

He walks to the refrigerator. 

He opens the refrigerator.

He looks at a six-pack of bottles of Stella Artois.

There are five bottles of Stella Artois.

Tony picks up a bottle of Stella Artois.

Tony closes the refrigerator. 

Tony walks to the couch.

Tony sits on the couch. 

He drinks Stella Artois.

He watches Old Boy.

He drinks Stella Artois.

Tony turns off the TV.

He picks up the book Breakfast of Champions by Kurt Vonnegut. 

He drinks Stella Artois.

He looks at his cell phone.

It's ten p.m.

Tony walks to the refrigerator. 

He opens the refrigerator. 

He picks up a bottle of Stella Artois.

He closes the refrigerator. 

He walks to his bedroom.

He looks at his cat.

He sits near his laptop computer.

Tony opens youtube.

He plays the song "Red and Blue Jeans" by The Promise Ring.

He plays the song "(Strawberry Ann) Switzerland" by Braid.

Tony thinks "If I get Chinese food I'll feel okay for as long as it takes to eat the Chinese food. If I get twice as much Chinese food I'll feel okay for twice as long."

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