write when you feel sad part 3 (a story of a generation)

Seth looks at a container of cat medicine.

He unscrews the plastic dropper from the container of the cat medicine.

Seth smells the cat medicine.

He inserts the plastic dropper into the container of cat medicine.

He squeezes the dropper.

Cat medicine fills the dropper.

Seth walks to his cat.

He holds the cat's mouth open.

He inserts the plastic dropper into his cat's mouth.

He squeezes the plastic dropper.

He looks at his cat.

Seth takes the dropper out of his cat's mouth.

Seth's cat makes a sound.

He screws the plastic dropper into the container of cat medicine.

He puts the container of cat medicine in a drawer.

Seth walks to his bedroom.

He plays the album Steady Diet of Nothing by Fugazi.

He opens a can of organic vegetable soup.

He puts the soup into a pot.

He turns the stove on.

Seth looks at the pot.

Seth pours orange juice into a glass.

Seth drinks the orange juice.

He walks to the window.

He looks at the park across the street. 

Seth thinks "I'm glad don't have work tomorrow."

He thinks "I haven't accomplished anything."

He thinks "I'm still young though."

It's nine p.m.

It is warm.

Seth looks at the soup.

He tastes the soup.

He turns the stove off.

He pours the soup into a bowl.

He takes the bowl to the kitchen table.

Seth eats the soup.

He thinks "This is salty."

He walks to his bedroom.

Seth takes his contact lenses out.

He lies on his bed.

Seth thinks "I want there to be a girl. I want to live with a girl. We would make food together and then we would eat food together. We would do dishes. I would do the dishes and she would put things away. We'd lie in bed."

The bedside light is on.

Seth looks at his alarm clock.

It's three a.m.

Seth is wearing jeans and socks.

Seth walks into the living room.

The lights are on.

The TV is on.

The TV shows the DVD player's screensaver. 

Seth's cat is lying on the floor.

Seth walks to the couch.

He sits on the couch.

Seth touches his cat.

He says "You dingus."

He pets his cat.

He smacks his cat's ass.

Seth's cat leaves.

Seth lies on the couch.

He unbuttons his jeans.

He thinks "I want to like the way someone looks and to like other things about them a lot and have it be mutual and not have anything bad happen right away."

Seth's cat makes a sound.

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