my thoughts on Fungiable, or the only zinequest4 post I'll be making

First off FUCK nfts and crypto. The author of Fungiable feels the same. 

This zine is built off the absurdity of nfts and how they spread like fungal spores, disgustingly. 

It's a hack of the Wretched & Alone rpg which I've never played. I'm a fan of playing rpgs solo but I've never played a game that is intended to be a journaling experience. Looking at the kickstarter all you need is some dice and a deck of playing cards to begin your tech horror journal. 

I'm a big fan of satire and dystopian futures. Something new this zine is doing that I think is a first (leave a comment if I'm wrong. leave a comment if I'm right) is after completing the game there's a new game plus feature. 

One of the stretch goals for it is a limited handcraft version printed from L.F. OSR that will come with an actual coin. Definitely check out their stuff if you've never heard of them.

I really enjoy body horror for some reason. It's the most frightening thing I feel that can happen to players in games. Something inside of you. 

Here's a quick introduction I copied from the kickstarter page.

"You see a message from an old college friend. Intrigued, you decide to check it out. After a little catching up, they ask if you've heard of SPOR coin, the next big cryptocurrency according to them. You've heard the rags to riches tales, so what could possibly go wrong?"

Seems like as your character's bank account grows so does this fungal infection. CREEPY. Fuck, this reminds of that segment from the Creep Show movie where Stephen King is that farmer that turns into his crop. I think it may have been CORN.

Fungiable can be found here

Let's keep brutally punching up at tech bros.

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