the food critic, an enemy for troika!

Perrine Anouiih, The Food Critic

Pompous and aggressive. She likes to think of herself as ‘stealthy’. Armed with broken glassware, stolen serving forks, or knives. 

1. “Where’s my wine?”
2. ”What does this plate suggest to you?”
3. ”Is it art ?!”
4. Wants a personal meal, if served will then sigh and ask you for something else
5. Becoming irritated
6. Will eat their meal, write the review, and then burn the place down

Stamina 8
Skill 7 
Initiative 2
Armor 0
Damage as weapon

I'm hosting a game jam over on itch all about Troika City! It started August 1st and will run all month long. There's a ton of great entries so far! Make sure you go check that out.

I think this enemy would pair especially well with Evey's diner game. I highly suggest grabbing that as well as buying all of her other games.

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